close encounters

close encounters

The work is constantly difficult to decipher. Seen as reproductions, you can’t be sure what it is you’re looking at, object or collage; real-life encounters similarly warp perception, with finished angles, materials, combined into discrete, destabilized objects. Created in order to talk about moments of being alone, where one concentrates on one’s own feelings – remembering one’s own experiences. These intimate inner conversations are not often shared with other people, but rather the objects that surround us. I like to think we project our thoughts onto objects around us. Eventually we embed a part of ourselves or develop a type of attachment with these things that were once so cold and distant from our touch. ­­­­­­Close Encounters aims to locate and tease out the history that lingers within these objects we’re surrounded by – the remembered traces of individual experience amid the mundane moments of life.

artist in residence solo exhibition

the white page
minneapolis, mn


photos by ben lansky